About Us

Please note: This information is provided for reference purposes only in relation to historical activity, as Ipsum Invest Limited no longer carries on regulated business and is no longer an appointed representative.

We know the types of problems facing investors today.

We understand these problems because we are also investors. We, like you, have also been caught between a rock and a hard place: on the one hand, investments offered on the high street with returns that make keeping cash under the mattress feel like a good option; and on the other investments offered by telephone callers and email marketeers with better returns but extremely questionable credentials, making buying a lottery ticket seem like a good alternative.

And what about what happens after the investment is made? How often have you been disappointed with how you have been looked after? How often have you felt that you are in the dark with what is going on with your investment?

We have set out to solve these problems for suitably qualified investors.

Our curated investments approach aims to provide you with a selection of investments that in our view seek to balance risk and reward.

We present these investment opportunities to you on our website, giving you the available information you need so that you can make up your own mind, in your own time, without being hounded by telephone calls.

Attractive opportunities, clearly set out. Your decision, in your own time.

That’s our solution.

If you do decide to invest, we make the process extremely straightforward for you, and, once you are a client of ours, we keep you up-to-date with your investments on a regular basis, with the option of emailing you but also making this information available to you on your very own profile page on this website, which you can check at any time.

Your profile page includes newsletters on the investments you have made, but also market news. It is also the place you will find information if any up and coming returns are payable from your investments, and where a record is kept of returns already paid. And if you ever misplace any of your paperwork relating to your investment, no problem: you can just download from your profile page.