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This isn’t Crowdfunding. This is Clever Investing

Welcome to Ipsum Invest

Welcome to Curated Investments. ©

Attractive opportunities, clearly set out.

Your decision, in your own time.

A clear and straightforward investment process.

And post-investment? All the information, all the documents, at your fingertips, on this website.

This isn’t Crowdfunding. This is Clever Investing

But don’t take our word for it!

We currently have opportunities in property (yes, even in these post-Brexit vote times we believe there are opportunities in the sector) and in renewable energy, paying competitive returns and backed by securities to reduce risk.


Join, with no obligation of course, to find out more.


Current Opportunities

We currently have opportunities in the property, leisure, renewable energy and mining sectors, offering attractive annual returns and with underlying securities in place reducing risk.

Join us, with no obligation, to find out more.


Curated Investments©

We don't offer advice: we let you decide.

But neither do we want to simply present you with reams of investment opportunities for you to have to trawl through.

Our solution? Curated Investments.


how it works

We first identify you as one of the categories of investor we can deal with.

Once you have been categorised, you will be able to login and review the opportunities on offer, and to invest should you so decide. 

Once having invested, your profile page will keep you up to date with your investments.

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